Garfunkel and Oats airs Thursdays at 10PM on IFC and you should be watching it. I edited a few of the music videos in the series, including this one.



Check out the new video I directed/edited for Ultramantis Black. Premiering today over at Spin.com


Produced by Shane Bissett

Director of Photography: Jason Rihaly

Effects: Ian Skalski

Color Correction Eric Bader

Wrestling by Ultramantis Black, Ophidian the Cobra, and Dragonfly.

Thanks to everyone over at Relapse Records!



Check out the new Andrew Jackson Jihad video I directed. Produced by Hannah Getz and shot by Eric Bader. Click HERE to see the video!

Screenshot 2014-04-24 10.57.50


2013 was an EXCELLENT year! I’m looking forward to everything 2014 has to bring! I finished 2013 and blasted into 2014 by riding my motorcycle cross country and back through unruly Winter conditions. Here is the video!

I’ve also updated the website to include some of my television editing. Go ahead and check that out. Happy New Year!

August 17th 2013

A little late to post this one but check out the Wendy’s commercial I directed with my friend Stoney for Adult Swim. Thanks to Siobhan!

[adult swim] Wendy’s from siobhan price on Vimeo.